When a person visits our site, he/she need not to worry about the privacy of their data. We closely work on this aspect, and maintaining the privacy of our visitors is our topmost priority. Before we begin to inform you about our terms in this Privacy Policy, make sure that you go through the entire content.

Visitors Logging –

As you visit on our site, there is a standard procedure that we follow for log files. The visitors/users are logged into these files whenever they pay a visit. In simple words, we collect data from our users through this method. The information that we collect from you includes the following – IP address, internet service provider, type of browser, date and time of visiting the pages, and other relevant information. Any of this data does not personally belong to the user that can be identifiable. It means that your privacy is not being invaded at any cost. The reason why we collect the given data is to provide you with the updated and correct version of your preferred choices.

Storing cookies –

We also use the cookies saved on the visitor’s browser. It tells us about the preferences of the user and the pages he/she likes to visit more often. This data get restored every time you refresh on the page with the help of your browser. There is an option for the users to deny the permission of the storing cookies from your browser.

Third Parties –

The different types of ads that you see on the website are provided by third-party ad networks. They use technology like – JavaScript, cookies, and web beacons. The links or advertisements on the site are respectively working through the collected sources. They use these to measure the effectiveness of the advertising campaigns and the kind of content you would want to see on the website.

We would request to use these links wisely when you are on the website. The website does not take any responsibility for these third-party ads that they show on the site. If you are indulging in any deal with them, it will be at your own risk. For further information, refer to the “Disclaimer” page of the site.

Miscellaneous –

The data that is displayed on the site is not children who are below the age of 18. It is essential that you keep them out of reach from indulging in any malicious activity. We cannot be blamed if, in any case, a child or a drug abuser uses the content of the site for his/her personal use. Therefore, we encourage parental guidance and continuous monitoring of your child’s internet activity.

Lastly, the Privacy Policy is only applicable to the information shared or collected by the users on our website. It cannot be applied to the data that is represented on the site through different online and offline sources. Remember that if you are still accessing the website, you agree to the Privacy Policy and the terms mentioned on the other pages.